CdS HoReCa Wine Club



CdS HoReCa Wine Club is dedicated to all food & beverage operators in Italy who wish to purchase CdS wines directly from the producer. By subscribing to the CdS Horeca Wine Club you will become part of our community of professionals, you will be informed about work in the cellar and updated on upcoming events and fairs, special offers and new releases.

Wine Shop

You’ll have access to our wine shop and be able to purchase all the CdS wines from the Stüvenagh and Stefanago lines. You will get a 5% discount on all your online wine purchase, free shipping on purchases over €500 and a 10% discount on purchases over €600.


By joining the CdS Wine Club you will be part of a generations lasting story of harmonious balance between humans and nature, of care for the terroir and passion for organic wine making.



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